The Tower Recordings

(Based in Vermont)

The Tower Recordings started when Matt Valentine and Pat Gubler, bandmates in Memphis Luxure, started working with Helen Rush, recording acoustic lo-fi demos in her apartment. Soon Memphis Luxure morphed into the Tower Recordings. Rehearsals for Roseland, the resulting collection of lo-fi jams, was released on Valentine’s Superlux label in 1994.

Valentine took to the habit of recording everything that was being played leading to The Tower Recordings releasing many albums of various styles and forms, with various band line-ups. The Tower Recordings became more of a collective than a group.

In 1998, an extended collective (including Erika Elder) went to record in a church in upstate New York. The many hours of tape were edited into Folk Scene, their most influential output. The album is a crossover between folk and free improvisation ranging from short sonic explorations ton longer vocal jams.

Further material from the church recordings has been released as The Galaxies’ Sensual Transmission Field of The Tower Recordings (2004), equally acclaimed. The collective has continued producing, although not under the Tower Recordings moniker. Valentine is now focused on MV&EE, while Gubler records under PG Six.