Six Organs of Admittance


Six Organs of Admittance is the musical of Ben Chasny from Colorado. He started playing in indie band during his teens, but also started pursuing an experimental project, Eta Corina, with violinist Aolini. This led to Chasny’s discovery of folk music. Fascinated by the early british psychedelic-folk bands, Chasny started reaching out, via the Internet and particularly the Ptolemaic Terrascope forums, to other like-minded record collectors. His exposure to all these obscure artists was primordial in shaping his own sound.

At the same time, Chasny had picked up an acoustic guitar and started composing his own songs. Six Organs of Admittance is known for its lengthy, ethereal songs, featuring textured fingerpicking, sustained drones as well as a broad range of percussion sounds. He has contributed with many artists from the ‘New Weird America’, particularly from the North East, like The Sunburned Hand of the Man, Joshua Burkett.

Chasny’s most important releases are Dust and Chimes (1999) and For Octavio Paz (2003), a more stripped-down and profound effort.

Interview with Ben Chasny, discussing his music and influence