Matt Valentine

(Based in Vermont)

Matt Valentine is considered the founding father of the North-Eastern folk scene. His lengthy career features hundreds of releases in many formats and under mani names. He was also at the heart of the influential Tower Recordings collective, which reunited many experimental folk artists from the region.

Matt Valentine is most importantly of the visionaries behind the Brattleboro Free Folk Festival, organised on his initiative. The festival was seminal and marked the peak of the ‘New Weird America’, reuniting many artists of different generations (from Dredd Foole to The Sunburned Hand of the Man). The festival was most notably covered by Wire magazine, which helped bring the movement to popular attention.

Matt Valentine is currently working with his partner Erika Elder as MV&EE (and various other combinations). Their music follows the patchwork approach taken with The Tower Recordings, though the songs tend to be more personal and intimate, due in part to Elder’s Appalachian folk influences.