(Based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

Fursaxa is the musical project of Philadelphia-based singer-songwriter Tara Burke. Burke started recording music, being drawn to building textured layers of sounds. Starting with guitar and piano, she swiftly started incorporating more exotic instruments like dulcimers, harmoniums and accordions to her sound.

Burke’s influence are varied and eclectic, from renaissance music to film soundtracks (particularly David Lynch’s), and she often cites romanian philosopher Mircea Eliade and writer Vladimir Nabokov as primary inspirations for her lyrics.

Her first two releases, Mandrake (2000) & Fursaxa (2002), were conceived at the same time, during a time of great emotional turmoil. The tracks range from repetitive drone pieces to more intimate acoustic songs. Fursaxa attracted the attention of the local folk scene in Philadelphia and soon started collaborating with various artist, most notably with Helena Espvall of Espers and The Valerie Project with Greg Weeks.

Weeks went on to produce Fursaxa’s most acclaimed release at his Hexham Head studio. Alone in the Dark Wood (2007), was heavily influenced by world folk music (particularly of Africa, South America and Bulgaria) and is dominated by soft drones. Burke stated being inspired by nature, and trying to recreate some of the sounds that she hears in her music.