Dredd Foole

(Boston, Massachusetts)

Dredd Foole, the stage-name of songwriter Dan Ireton, is considered to be one of the cornerstones of ‘New Weird America’. His musical career started in the Boston hardcore scene, where he played in the incredibly noisy punk band The Din. He soon lost interest in the scene’s violent manners and turned to folk music. Ireton, heavily influenced by the music of Tim Buckley, started writing songs and performing in local clubs. He received little to no success at first, his sets being constantly booed.

Ascension Ra and Buk (parts 1&2)

In Quest of Tense (1996), released by Forced Exposure, is considered by many to be the first ‘New Weird America’ album. The album is a free-folk exploration, fully improvised on acoustic guitar, where Ireton experiments with his voice on long reverbheavy tracks. He continued to release music, to a relatively small audience, before being approached to perform at the Brattleboro Free Folk Festival in 2003.

Dredd Foole, unexpectedly even to himself, was one of the highlights of the festival. Many, if not all, of the acts present had been profoundly affected by his work and were enthralled to see him perform. He has since collaborated on many projects with these artists and remains a key figure of the North-Eastern folk scene.